Tower box
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was land ruled by an evil governor. The governor was a truly unpleasant fellow – selfish, arrogant and above all – lazy. It is therefore not a surprise that he did not do a very good job of keeping his estates in good shape.

In the middle of the land, there was a ruined castle, built by the Emperor. A castle once known for having a tall, magnificent Tower. Thus, the day has come when the Emperor grew impatient and sent out letters to all noble families, announcing that a new governor will be selected amongst those that would help to restore the Tower to its original glory. Being an ambitious and upcoming young noble yourself, you decide to take the challenge. The mission seems simple enough. Just gather people, resources and build! What can go wrong…

AVA TOWER is a pure skill strategy game, with no element of luck. Currently in playtesting stage, we are scheduling the release for 2019.