About us

Person Maciej

Maciej Czaplicki

Game Design & Graphic Design

Person Gosia

Gosia Press

Project Coordinator

Person Michal

Michał Gołębiowski

Community Manager

Person Romek

Roman Kucharski

Grahpic Design

We have great pleasure to invite you to our world of high quality board games! You can now enjoy our first official release: “Starship” with friends, family or your favorite gaming group.

The game launches you into Earth’s orbit on board the largest spacecraft ever constructed. Your mission is to take control of the ship. It will not be an easy task as your rivals share the same objective and there can be only one winner. You will need to continuously adapt your strategy to the developing situation and pay attention to how much time is left before launch…

Select the Starship tab to find out more.

A couple of words about ourselves. First things first: our team adores board games! We will play anything, from family games to the most complex and demanding titles out there. We have been active in the gaming industry for several years. We have designed and developed both board games and online games (tauriworld.com). With that experience, we are now ready to take the next step and release games of international reach. We have put a lot of work to make sure you have a great time playing our first global title: “Starship”.

We hope you enjoy Starship and stay tuned for more entertainment from AVA Games.