Another reality, another Earth. World War II is still on and the dreaded nuclear apocalypse is casting its shadow over mankind. With no resolution in sight, League of Nations has partnered with a team of top scientists to give the conflicted governments a new, grand and uniting goal: to colonize Mars. Thus, a colossal Starship was built, with 4 nations that would come on board: USA, United Kingdom, Soviet Union and the Third Reich.

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Despite initial agreements, conflicts ensue soon after boarding. Lead your nation, form and break alliances, fight and take control of the starship.

Just remember, that amongst all enemies on board, there is one more foe that you can’t fight off with bullets. Time. Waiting this out is not an option. You have to fight.

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AVA Starship is a deck-building area control game for 2-4 players using a modular board. Lead your people, gain advantage and secure key modules of the Starship.

AVA Starship – Take control!